Be the Difference Together

We are a family without walls, reflecting Christ and bringing hope, healing and transformation to our community.
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10AM Bible study

11:30AM Worship

3044 San Pablo Rd.

Jacksonville, FL

Current Series

The apostles and early believers walked in great power. Many miracles and signs were done through them. That same power is still available to us today. We can accomplish nothing worthwhile in our own power. This means that everything that God calls us to do must be done with His power.  This series examines how we can connect to God’s power source.

Get Involved

We want to set you free to fulfill the dream God has for your life.  Our job is to help you uncover your unique calling and connect you to organizations where you can live out that dream.

Bible Study

We have a very interactive and friendly Bible study each Saturday morning at 10AM.  We follow a regular curriculum which is available to you at no cost when you attend.

What to expect

We are small friendly church that wants to make a big difference.  You will be loved as you are.  We have no dress code nor expectation that you dress up.

Got Questions?

Have tough Bible question, or need someone to pray with you?  Call pastor Timothy at 904-803-8723

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Service Times

We have Bible study each Saturday at
10 AM and Worship at 11:30 AM.  In addition, we often have fellowship dinner at someone’s home, midweek Bible studies that happen seasonally, and special outreach events where we seek to be the difference together.  Please click anywhere in this frame to fill out a connection card and receive updates on these events.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to be the difference together.

We aren’t trying to build a huge church but rather to have a significant impact.  We believe that the church exists to bless the world.  It isn’t about us, we exist to bring glory to God by being His hands and feet.


Our Vision is to be a family without walls, reflecting Christ, and bringing hope healing and transformation to our community.


Please watch this short video that explains what we are all about.

Recent Sermons

Pastor’s Blog

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Go Against the Flow We live in a world that values material possessions, consumerism, and excess. Simplicity longed seemed like an unusual value to embrace, but in today's overstressed world it is looking more and more attractive. However, for Christians, simplicity...

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If you really want to change your life, you must change something you do everyday. Aristotle said, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act. It is a habit”. We need to work on allowing God to change both our thoughts and our actions together. The...

Do the impossible with grace

My wife and I once found ourselves stuck in a car that wouldn’t start in a terrible neighborhood in East LA at 2 a.m. The police came by and told us, “It isn’t safe for you to be here—you need to leave.” I explained I would love to, but my car wouldn’t start. They...