Seminar postponed until October 5th due to weather!

Welcome to the dinner date night and marriage seminar homepage

Think of it like a free marriage retreat without having to pay a fortune and find a hotel.

The seminar begins

September 28th Ocotber 5th at 6PM in the Adele Grange Cultural Center in Bull Park. 716 Ocean Blvd, Atantic Beach FL. 32233

It includes a nice dinner for you and your spouse, and yes it’s totally free.

Bonus 1

Optional Prepare/Enrich Assessment

For those couples who would like to do a deep dive into assessing the status of their current relationship. We offer this bonus assessment tool from the good folks at Prepare/Enrich.

Bonus 2

Optional Personalized Coaching

Those who would like to do some extra work on their relationship will receive one hour free individualized coaching with certified marriage coach, Timothy Jemly as part of your free seminar registration.

Sponsored by Coastal Christian Fellowship

The Marriage Seminar is here to help you bring back the passion, intimacy, and joy of marriage.

Whether you are in a good marriage you would like to be great, or in a struggling marriage, you want to thrive – this seminar is for you.

Seminars will take place Wednesday evenings at 6 pm September 28th through November 9th. At the Adele Grage cultural center in Bull park – 716 Ocean Boulevard, Atlantic Beach, FL.

Dinner will be inluded!

This course helps couples to:

Communicate more effectively

Understand each other's needs

Resolve conflict

Recognize how upbringing affects your relationship

Show your love in way your partner will deeply feel and appreciate

Develop greater sexual intimacy

Not sure what to expect?

This video will give you a glimpse into what attending the dinner date night and marriage course will be like.

The Marriage Course Trailor

This short video will give you some insight into the material that will be covered in the marriage course.

How to have healthy conflicts

Conflict doesn’t have to damage your relationship. If you learn to handle it correctly it can actually strengthen it.

Is this really free?

The cost of the marriage seminar and all the dinners is completely covered by Coastal Christian Fellowship. The optional prepare/enrich assessment costs $35 per couple but the church will even cover that if you ask us nicely. smile

Take the first step towards taking your relationship to the next level. Register today!

The Seminar starts at 6 PM on September 28th October 5th at the Adele Grage Community Center located at 716 Ocean Boulevard, Atlantic Beach, Florida.  A few people have had trouble registering. If you don’t receive a confirmation email within 24 hours please call or text pastor Timothy at 904-803-8723

Seminar registration